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You play ZogSports to make new friends, keep playing your favorite sports, give back, and experience a highlight every week.  Now it’s time to meet the people that help deliver those highlights.  Let’s go Behind the Scenes with Field Team Supervisors:

Meet Alex!

Alex Salazar

Alex is a Field Team Supervisor for NYC Volleyball.

Z: How long have you been with ZogSports?

A: Playing since 2007, reffing since fall of 2010

Z: Why do you love working for ZogSports?

A: I love working for ZogSports, because it’s such a cool organization that brings people together from all walks of life.  I’ve made some great friends thanks to Zog.  And the fact that teams play for charity puts us a step over the competition out there that just plays for sport only.

Z: What’s the best team name you’ve come across while working for ZogSports?

A: “Mas Serve Aces” or “Cunning Stunts & Spicy Meats”

Z: Do you have advice for the best pickup line to use at a ZogSports happy hour?

A: Guy to girl: Sorry I spiked the ball in your face.  Can I buy you a drink?

Girl to guy: Sorry not sorry that I blocked your spike.  Now you owe me a drink.

Z: What has been your ZogSports highlight?

A: Having met my fiancé thanks to ZogSports!

Z: Next time you see Alex, ask him to tell you about the time…

A: I had an impacted tooth removed.

If you want to join the ZogSports team, apply to be a referee here.

If you want to experience the highlight of your week, join a ZogSports league here.

Top 10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Single In NYC

How many cute couples can one person pass on the lonely NYC streets?  How many times can one person listen to the guilt from a mother questioning “why are you still single?”  How many chick flicks can one person watch over a pint of ice cream while “I’m going to be alone forever” tears pour from the eyes?  Good thing we have a good solution!  But first, let’s commiserate over the Top 10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Single In NYC:

10) Being the 3rd wheel sucks
although not having to share your ice cream is pretty sweet



9) You have nobody to make out with on the cab ride home from a night out
even though you probably found someone to make out with while you were at the bar


8) You cant kill a cockroach
but you are perfectly capable of screaming and hibernating in your bed until it’s gone


7) People in New York City are hard to impress
and you’re hardly impressed by them anyway



6) There are way too many dating apps
and way too many creeps



5) Drinking alone makes you an alcoholic
but for some reason drinking with a partner makes it romantic



4) You get mad at people’s PDA on the subway
but really you’re just jealous

3) You don’t have a built in beer pong partner
and let’s face it, that guy that swears he’s the beer pong champion is just a douchebag



2) The rent is too damn high for a 1 bedroom if you’re not splitting it
and you’re not one of the lucky ones whose parents are paying your rent

1) Winter
because nobody wants to be alone during cuffing season

Don’t worry, singletons of New York City!  Cure your loneliness by meeting your soulmate, partner, rebound, or just new best friend in a ZogSports Co-Ed Social Sports league.  Over a dozen sports to choose from [from basketball to cornhole] with a happy hour after every game each week [a great place to test out your newest pickup lines].


We’ve watched hundreds of relationships form, vows be exchanged, and babies be born [we haven’t actually seen the births, but we’ve seen the living proof] through ZogSports.  Don’t believe us?  Check out just one example here.

love story - soccer team

Fall registration is open now! Sign up here.


Oh Hey, What A Play!

If only we could see the replay video to watch the awesome touchdown dance that must have ensued!

NE2A6243-1  NE2A6249-1

NE2A6250-1 NE2A6256-1 NE2A6260-1

Taken at ZogSports’ Flag Football league on Randall’s Island.

ZogSports is America’s most popular social sports league. Join now at

Why I Zog – Shafiq’s Story

why i zog logo

We know that ZogSports is the best way to meet new people in New York City, but we love to hear the evidence from first-time Zoggers!  Here’s Shafiq’s story:

Shafiq Orange2

“I moved to NYC a few months back, and my roommate at the time highly recommended ZogSports to me (He also wore many cool colored ZogSports’ t-shirts around the apartment). So being the kind of person who loves to hang out, play sports, and meet new people, I decided to check out the Zog website. Fortunately for me, I found the perfect Sport (Volleyball), on the perfect day (Sunday), in the perfect location (Brooklyn Bridge Park)! Pretty much signed up on the spot.

The first meet was pretty awesome as I got to meet most of the team! We weren’t totally on the same page yet, but going to a happy hour (recommended spot by Zog) after week 1 got us talking and helped create a strong camaraderie. What was really cool is that we started doing all sorts of events around game time from week to week including brunches, sticking around to play more volleyball, and even exploring Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg together! Many of us also hung out together and watched the 4th of July fireworks together thanks to a warm invitation from a teammate! From there we got better every week and learned to communicate on court more effectively!  We even started having some inside jokes (whose got middle?).

This was a phenomenal first time experience, and I made some awesome friends along the way! I plan on trying other Zog sports as well as keeping in touch with current teammates to see what other sports they will be participating in, as well as what they are up to around NYC!

We got playoffs coming up this weekend and hoping to win it all! Go “Orange is the new BLOCK”!”

orange is the new block

Your new best friends are waiting for you!  Meet them now at

Highlight of the Week – Flying Balls

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“Asking me to pick one picture of my team is almost impossible – all of our pictures are awesome, because we are awesome. My Zog highlight is all the people I’ve met – like family, you love them, you hate them, but when balls are flying towards your face, there’s no one else I’d rather have on my side…”

-Shefali, Prestige Worldwide, ZogSports Queens

Prestige Worldwide QNDB

Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to

Highlight Of The Week - Birthday Party

Highlight Of The Week – Birthday Party

Highlight Of The Week - Refs Have Highlights Too

Highlight Of The Week – Refs Have Highlights Too


Highlight Of The Week – Meet The Girl

Highlight Of The Week - New Friendships

Highlight Of The Week – New Friendships

Highlight Of The Week - Company Dodgeball

Highlight Of The Week – Company Dodgeball

Highlight Of The Week - MVP Glasses

Highlight Of The Week – MVP Glasses

Highlight Of The Week - 13th Season

Highlight Of The Week – 13th Season

Highlight Of The Week - Happy

Highlight Of The Week – Happy

Highlight Of The Week - Colleagues

Highlight Of The Week – Colleagues

Highlight Of The Week - Love To Ball

Highlight Of The Week – Love To Ball

Highlight Of The Week - Champions

Highlight Of The Week – Champions

Highlight Of The Week - Engaged

Highlight Of The Week – Engaged

The Rise of the Company Softball Team

Raise your hand if you play for a corporate Zog team!

Last week, the Wall Street Journal posted an article regarding the downfall of corporate softball teams. We found the findings to be pretty unsettling, so we asked our Zog Statisticians to do some digging. They discovered that not only have we had increased participation in our corporate leagues, but our corporate softball leagues have quadrupled in size from last summer to this summer! Plus, it seems that folks love to Zog with their boss: our stats revealed that 20% of our regular softball leagues are indeed company teams.

How about them softballs, WSJ?

We asked one of our corporate softball captains, Schuyler Penny,  how he feels about the matter:

“I’ve had a lot of fun organizing the softball team [...] We work pretty late hours here so the early departure every Tuesday to hit the fields has been a nice outlet for everyone participating. It’s competitive but still relaxed enough to feel like we’re out relieving stress while kicking ass as a different type of team than we normally are at the office. One of the best parts is getting to meet more people outside of our usual departments while also getting to know them in a way socially that isn’t just the usual post work happy hour.”

Even though WSJ reported that softball is now being replaced by other sports such as Kickball and Dogeball, Penny feels that Softball is nice because it isn’t as “physically demanding” as other sports. There is a sense of familiarity when stepping onto a softball field and with such “an athletically diverse team, we can still go out there and be competitive when we know how to balance our strengths and weaknesses.”

It’s no surprise to us that America’s pastime is thriving in our corporate leagues and we love hearing about coworkers (and Zog teammates)working together off the field! Our Zog corporate softball leagues give everyone an equal opportunities to join in on the social sports fun.

Don’t worry, WSJ, you have an open invitation to join the ballgame and see how to play the ZogSports way.