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People play ZogSports for the organized fun and the friendly competition.  Individuals of all walks of life come out each week with their friends – old and new – to experience the highlight of their week.  As an organization, we are so proud and grateful that we are the ones that get the chance to deliver these highlights.

We are also just as proud that our ZogSports referees are experiencing these same highlights with every shift they work.  It’s not often people say that they love their job, and we feel very fortunate to get to hear those words so frequently from our amazing, hardworking, and super fun staff.

Let’s reflect on one of our referee’s favorite moments as a ZogSports field team member.

“My favorite reffing moment had to be watching Matt from Red Balls & Vodka score a David Beckham like goal opening up the second half kickoff a few years back after asking for proper space. To this day, I have yet to see anyone score from distance to start the game, half, sudden death or change of possession after a goal. Can anyone replicate this feat?” -Steve, Soccer and Football Referee

steve ng

You can join the fun, too!  Apply to be a ZogSports referee here.

Top 10 #Sharknado3 Tweets

Sharknado 3, the latest sequel to the cult “classic”, Sharknado, premiered last night.

What was more entertaining: The movie or reading all of the tweets about it?

Here is our list of the Top 10 #Sharknado3 Tweets:



















And our #1 favorite #Sharknado3 tweet, albeit slightly bias, is…



zog in sharknado

We couldn’t be more proud to have made our big screen debut in none other than Sharknado 3!  We’ll see you all at the Oscars.

ZogSports Makes A Difference – Charity Update Spring 2015


ZogSports was founded in the wake of 9/11, so giving back is a vital element of our organization.  Since our launch in 2002, we’ve donated over $2.7 million to hundreds of different charities.  When you play ZogSports, you’re contributing – we donate 10% of all net proceeds, 100% of Happy Hour bar contributions and 100% of net proceeds from ZSAANYC leagues to charities that you pick.

Last season, in NYC alone, we donated over $36,000 to over 150 different charities.  It’s always amazing to see the tremendous variety of causes that ZogSports teams choose to support, from small, local organizations like The Bronx Defenders to national, well-established charities like the American Heart Association.  Whatever charity your team selects to play for, you can enjoy the friendly competition and organized fun knowing that you’re making a difference somewhere in the world.

Here are the top 5 most selected charities from the Spring 2015 season:

5) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Total donation: $613

Donated to by:
Back that Asset Corporate Dodgeball – East Side – Wednesday Dodgemasters Division Runner Up
FC Guatamala Outdoor Soccer – New York – Weeknight Vassar Division Runner Up
South Bronx Tornadoes Softball – Randall’s Island – Weeknight Brooklyn Dodgers Division Runner Up
Magic School Bus Volleyball – Manhattan – Weeknight Mammals Division Winner
Just For Kicks Outdoor Soccer – New York – Sunday Erie Division Winner

4) American Cancer Society
Total donation: $663

Donated to by:
Green Dots Indoor Soccer – Manhattan – Weeknight America Division Winner
Get Off the Field!! Kickball – Brooklyn – Sunday Old Stone House Division Runner Up
Big Red Softball – Queens – Saturday Kissena Division Winner
The Fighting Shane Falcos Touch Football – Brooklyn – Sunday Vince Young Division Runner Up
Bomb’s Away Touch Football – Queens – Saturday Peas Division Runner Up
The Surprisers Ultimate Frisbee – New York – Sunday Pluto Platter Division Runner Up

Total Donation: $994

Donated to by:
MGU Tropics 3 on 3 Basketball – Men’s – Manhattan – Weeknight Mustard Division Winner
Whose Man Is That? 4 on 4 Full Court Basketball – East Village – Saturday Afternoon Spoon Division Runner Up
Bowl Movements Bowling – Midtown – Wednesday Fred Flintstone Division Runner Up
Ticket Evolutions Dodgeball – Downtown – Tuesday Ani Division Winner
Shot in Cleveland Indoor Soccer – Manhattan – Weeknight States Division Runner Up
Pretty In Pink Kickball – New York – Sunday Clyde Division Runner Up
There’s No Crying In Softball Softball – New York Kenny Powers Division Runner Up
Kinky Sets Volleyball – Manhattan – Weeknight Birds Division Winner
ZS-QSB 1 Softball – Queens – Saturday Kissena Division Runner Up

2) Wounded Warrior Project
Total donation: $1363

Donated to by:
Instinet Corporate Bowling – Midtown – Monday Frames Division Winner
West Falls Blue Devils 3 on 3 Basketball – Co-ed – Manhattan – Weeknight Salt Division Winner
Still Better Than The Knicks 3 on 3 Basketball – Co-ed – Manhattan – Weeknight Pepper Division Winner
GUTT-ER-DONE Bowling – Midtown – Wednesday Dino the Dinosaur Division Winner
Shuck Dynasty Cornhole – Upper East – Wednesday Seis de Maiz Division Runner Up
Get Off the Field!! Kickball – Brooklyn – Sunday Old Stone House Division Runner Up
The New York Times Outdoor Soccer – New York – Weeknight Bryn Mawr Division Winner
Blue 44 Touch Football – Brooklyn – Sunday JeMarcus Russell Division Winner
The Creatures Touch Football – New York – Weekend Doc Division Winner
I’d Hit That Too Volleyball – Manhattan – Weeknight Fish Division Runner Up

1) St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
Total donation: $1675

st jude

Donated to by:
In Yo Face Dodgeball – Queens – Tuesday Adams Division Runner Up
Over the Hump Flag Football – New York – Wednesday Pepper Division Winner
Purple Rain Indoor Soccer – Manhattan – Saturday Hamsterdam Division Winner
Brews on First Kickball – Lower East Side – Weekend Butter Division Winner
Saved by the Ball Kickball – Lower East Side – Weeknight Biscuits Division Runner Up
The Southwoods Kids Kickball – New York – Sunday Bonnie Division Runner Up
Destiny’s Child Outdoor Soccer – New York – Sunday Huron Division Runner Up
The Big Green Outdoor Soccer – New York – Weeknight Bryn Mawr Division Runner Up
BLUESKEE Skeeball – Midtown – Monday Call Me Maybeskees Division Winner
pink Softball – New York Steve Nebraska Division Winner
Big Red Softball – Queens – Saturday Kissena Division Winner
Sets on Fire Volleyball – Manhattan – Weeknight Invertebrates Division Winner
The Purple Nurples Outdoor Soccer – Brooklyn – Sunday The Notorious Z.O.G Division Winner

Thanks to everyone who played with us last season!

If you want to play ZogSports and help make a difference in the world, check out our Co-Ed Social Sports leagues here.

That time Elvis played ZogSports…

Have you ever been in the same place as a cowboy, Elvis, a Mariachi band, and giant inflatable bubbles?  Well, these two lucky ZogSports kickball teams have.  Check out their Bud Light #UpForWhatever surprise:

If you’re a Zogger, watch out – something just might happen to YOU at your ZogSports game or happy hour if you’re #UpForWhatever!

If you’re not a Zogger – it’s never too late.  You can register for a league here.

ZogSports Shortlisted For The 2020 Olympics!

The news we’ve been waiting to hear for 13 years has finally arrived…kind of.

Zog in Olympic_Rings

It’s just been reported that eight sports have been shortlisted to be added for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and we’re so excited that two of these are sports that ZogSports offers leagues in: Softball and Bowling!  So now, if anyone tries to give you crap about you joining the softball team “just for the alcohol” or attempts to make the case that “bowling isn’t a real sport”, you can back yourself up with true, yet still shortlisted, data that “hey, if it’s played in the Olympics it’s legit!”

We’re also proud of some other top contenders that didn’t quite make the finalist list, but still deserve gold medals in our eyes: Flying Disc [that’s the same thing as Ultimate Frisbee, right?] and Football.

These sports are slated to be added to the 2020 games, which gives you 5 full years to join a league, perfect your skills, and earn yourself a spot on the USA team!

If you could add any sport to the Olympic Games, which sport would you add?

Sign-up for a CoEd Intramural Sports League at

Highlight of the Week

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“Being captain of my kickball team feels like its my birthday party every week! Friends of mine from all walks of life come together to play kickball and the best part is that we are now spending more time together on and off the field.”

-Dave, Light Bondage, ZogSports Philadelphia

PHL - Kickball-57

Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to


“ZogSports has meant so much to me. I was able to come right to LA and immediately have friends that shared a common interest. And creating a softball team allowed for the perfect non-threatening environment to meet the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

-Austin, Pitch Slapped, ZogSports LA

vball ref

“One night when refereeing volleyball, a team got completely blown out in all three games that they had that night so they were done playing in about 25 minutes.  Zog allots 45 minutes for the matches, so they were a little bummed and feeling very defeated since their games were over so soon.  To make sure they had some fun that night, I let them use the court for the rest of the time and kept refereeing so they could keep playing.  The teams really enjoyed themselves and ended up mixing up the teams, getting to know each other, and having a lot of fun.”

-Claire, Volleyball Referee, ZogSports DC

Wed SVB_SandShrews_1st

“Each week our free agent team comes together and plays volleyball, each week our teamwork improves, our scores get better, and we all become better friends. I love seeing the improvements we make as teammates, while growing new friendships, all in such a short period of time! Can’t wait to play future seasons together!”

-Jeremy, Sand Shrews, ZogSports Atlanta


“I helped organize a dodgeball team for our company and everyone loves getting together every week to play. We’re not the most athletic bunch but we love hitting the happy hour afterwards!!!”

-Heather, zioPatches O’Houlihan’s Heart Stopper, ZogSports San Francisco


Notorious DIG

“Our team had one pair of Zog sunglasses that we used as “MVP glasses,” giving them to the MVP at the end of each game. When I told Zog about it, they gave us a pair for everyone on the team! It was a fantastic week!”

-Justine, Notorious D.I.G., ZogSports New Jersey

Strippers XIII.5

“This is our 13th season playing soccer as a team. It’s something I truly look forward to every week; some of my teammates have become my closest friends.”

-Carly, Strippers XIII.5, ZogSports New York

show us your TDs

“My highlight: sitting on the grass with the team, taking off our cleats, sweat on our foreheads, sun on our backs, bodies aching, happy.”

-Rosie, Show Us Your TDs, ZogSports Los Angeles

Camera 820

“Playing in one of the ZogSports leagues was the highlight of my spring. I love to ball, am socially conscious, and enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis. Zog made all of those happen all at once.”

-Rory, Get Thi$ Money, ZogSports DC


“Every weekI had a BLAST playing with my colleagues and getting to know them on a personal level. Especially our weekly outings after the games. Hopefully we can repeat as champions next season!”

-Jarvis, Coke A-Team, ZogSports Atlanta



“After getting spanked last season it was awesome to bring home the win tonight! Can’t wait for next season to shoot for back to back championships!”

-Julian, How I Set Your Mother, ZogSports San Francisco




“We met right here. I picked upSean outside. I said, ‘Hey Zogger!’ He was wearing his shirt. Then I stalked him!”

-Julie, Snakes On A Lane, ZogSports New Jersey

…and now they’re engaged!





“The highlight of my week is putting on my Tie Dyed Zog T-shirt,because it makes me proud of how unique our team is.We made the shirts ourselves which was awesome for team bonding.”

-Shannon, Psychadelic Ballers, ZogSports New York

My Team In Ten – US of Shakin & Bacon

My Team In Ten

These fun and interesting ten questions will give you some insight into some teams you might encounter throughout your Zog career.

Today, we are highlighting the 3 on 3 Coed Basketball team, US of Shakin & Bacon.

US of Shakin & Bacon In Ten 


1) How long has your team been Zogging together for?

A year, we just completed our fourth season Zog seasons.

2) How did you settle on your team name?

Several team members work in television. Our name derives from the title of a series one of us was working on– The United States of Bacon.

3) What’s your favorite team memory?

In a season riddled by injury, Nicole was often the only girl able to make the games. One night, she forgot her shoes, and had to play in one our guy’s low-top Vans, that were at least four sizes too big for her. So Nicole played four games with oversized sneaks…and still led us to a 3-1 record.

Baby wearing big hat and big shoes

4) What movie title best describes your team’s skills?

Hustle and Flow. We’re a small team, so we depend on hustle, movement and passing to be competitive.


5) What song title best describes your team’s relationship?

“99 problems” We can be shooting horrible, we can be physically banged up, we can be getting killed on the boards…but we never have a problem with the ladies on our team. They carry us and were the biggest reason we won the championship this season.


6) What celebrity do you think would best fit as a teammate on your team?

Michael Shannon. He’s an amazingly talented character actor (Boardwalk Empire, Revolutionary Road, Man of Steel). He’s not the leading man, but he always contributes a strong performance.

We’re a not a team of superstars. We’re a team of role players. Everyone knows their assignment and sacrifices their own game for the good of the team.

Michael would fit right in with our squad.

7) Beer Pong or Flip Cup?

C. None of the above. We’re an older team, our Beer Ping/Flip Cup days ended with the Bush administration. (For some of us, Bush 41…for others Bush 43.)

8) Which of your teammates is the most entertaining during your games? Why?

Tough call here. We play with some real characters. You never know what Nicole is going to say or do on the court, or which item of clothing she has forgotten that we will have to track down last minute so we can play, always a surprise with that one! And then there is Kori. She’s constantly talking, coaching, and cheerleading. She’s our Energizer bunny.

9) Which of your teammates is the most entertaining after a couple of drinks? Why?


10) Describe your team’s Zog experience in one word.


Not only have we ‘ve won some games, but through playing together we’ve become good friends.


Thanks, US of Shakin & Bacon, for giving us the inside scoop. Keep those championships coming!

Keep Zoggin’ – your team could be featured next!