Highlight of the Week

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“This is our 13th season playing soccer as a team. It’s something I truly look forward to every week; some of my teammates have become my closest friends.”

-Carly, Strippers XIII.5, ZogSports New York

Strippers XIII.5

Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to Highlights@ZogSports.com.

show us your TDs

“My highlight: sitting on the grass with the team, taking off our cleats, sweat on our foreheads, sun on our backs, bodies aching, happy.”

-Rosie, Show Us Your TDs, ZogSports Los Angeles

Camera 820

“Playing in one of the ZogSports leagues was the highlight of my spring. I love to ball, am socially conscious, and enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis. Zog made all of those happen all at once.”

-Rory, Get Thi$ Money, ZogSports DC


“Every week I had a BLAST playing with my colleagues and getting to know them on a personal level. Especially our weekly outings after the games. Hopefully we can repeat as champions next season!”

-Jarvis, Coke A-Team, ZogSports Atlanta




“After getting spanked last season it was awesome to bring home the win tonight! Can’t wait for next season to shoot for back to back championships!”

-Julian, How I Set Your Mother, ZogSports San Francisco




“We met right here. I picked upSean outside. I said, ‘Hey Zogger!’ He was wearing his shirt. Then I stalked him!”

-Julie, Snakes On A Lane, ZogSports New Jersey

…and now they’re engaged!





“The highlight of my week is putting on my Tie Dyed Zog T-shirt,because it makes me proud of how unique our team is.We made the shirts ourselves which was awesome for team bonding.”

-Shannon, Psychadelic Ballers, ZogSports New York

My Team In Ten – US of Shakin & Bacon

My Team In Ten

These fun and interesting ten questions will give you some insight into some teams you might encounter throughout your Zog career.

Today, we are highlighting the 3 on 3 Coed Basketball team, US of Shakin & Bacon.

US of Shakin & Bacon In Ten 


1) How long has your team been Zogging together for?

A year, we just completed our fourth season Zog seasons.

2) How did you settle on your team name?

Several team members work in television. Our name derives from the title of a series one of us was working on– The United States of Bacon.

3) What’s your favorite team memory?

In a season riddled by injury, Nicole was often the only girl able to make the games. One night, she forgot her shoes, and had to play in one our guy’s low-top Vans, that were at least four sizes too big for her. So Nicole played four games with oversized sneaks…and still led us to a 3-1 record.

Baby wearing big hat and big shoes

4) What movie title best describes your team’s skills?

Hustle and Flow. We’re a small team, so we depend on hustle, movement and passing to be competitive.


5) What song title best describes your team’s relationship?

“99 problems” We can be shooting horrible, we can be physically banged up, we can be getting killed on the boards…but we never have a problem with the ladies on our team. They carry us and were the biggest reason we won the championship this season.


6) What celebrity do you think would best fit as a teammate on your team?

Michael Shannon. He’s an amazingly talented character actor (Boardwalk Empire, Revolutionary Road, Man of Steel). He’s not the leading man, but he always contributes a strong performance.

We’re a not a team of superstars. We’re a team of role players. Everyone knows their assignment and sacrifices their own game for the good of the team.

Michael would fit right in with our squad.

7) Beer Pong or Flip Cup?

C. None of the above. We’re an older team, our Beer Ping/Flip Cup days ended with the Bush administration. (For some of us, Bush 41…for others Bush 43.)

8) Which of your teammates is the most entertaining during your games? Why?

Tough call here. We play with some real characters. You never know what Nicole is going to say or do on the court, or which item of clothing she has forgotten that we will have to track down last minute so we can play, always a surprise with that one! And then there is Kori. She’s constantly talking, coaching, and cheerleading. She’s our Energizer bunny.

9) Which of your teammates is the most entertaining after a couple of drinks? Why?


10) Describe your team’s Zog experience in one word.


Not only have we ‘ve won some games, but through playing together we’ve become good friends.


Thanks, US of Shakin & Bacon, for giving us the inside scoop. Keep those championships coming!

Keep Zoggin’ – your team could be featured next!

A ZogSports Love Story

Love is in the air!

We know there are many reasons why people join ZogSports: some for the love of the sport, some for the love of the happy hours, some for the love of the camaraderie, and some for the love of love.  We’re always overjoyed to hear about couples who have met through ZogSports.  We take pride in the fact that there have been hundreds of weddings, and even dozens of babies, that have resulted through the help of ZogSports.

Today, we’re highlighting one of these Zog couples.  Here is Marelle with her story:


Hi Zog – I have seen so many engagement and marriage stories, so I wanted to share mine!

My (former?) boyfriend, Sean Cacciabaudo, and I got engaged 12/01/13.  After moving back to NYC, I was having trouble making new friends and meeting good guys.  My friend Melissa and I decided to sign up as free agents for Zog bowling on Monday nights to do something different.  We were put on a team with 4 other people (Bowling With the Homies, Winter 2012), and I knew it would be a great time because of all our pre-bowling e-mail exchanges.  Melissa and I met up with Kirstyn Peterson a few days before our first game so we could get to know each other.  That night, Kirstyn showed us pictures of the other people on the team and told me, “I think you’ll like Sean…”  A few days later we had our first game and socialized a bit, but it wasn’t until Sean and I realized we both took the 6 train home that we had the chance to really talk.  The next week, in true Zog form, we ended up staying at the bowling alley bar well after our games were over, and he later asked me on a date for that weekend.


Two and a half years, 11 sports “seasons” as teammates, and a Zog ski day trip later, we are engaged and getting married 11/16/14.  Kirstyn is now one of my closest friends in NYC and plays with us as well.

Thanks for helping find the love of my life!


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Marelle! We couldn’t be happier for you and Sean, and we wish you all the best!

The proof is in the pudding, folks!  ZogSports not only offers great games and great happy hours, but it can lead to lifelong friendships and can end your search for the love of your life!

If you have a story you’d like to share with us, e-mail Ashley@ZogSports.com.

We’re Hiring! Sports and Field Team Manager



At ZogSports, you can be yourself, love what you do and help create a meaningful community for our customers.  Our mission is to deliver fun by bringing people together through sports.  When you join our team, you’ll be combining your passion for sports with your entrepreneurial spirit to maintain and grow NYC’s favorite (and largest) social sports organization.  Don’t you think it’s time to have a job where you love coming to work every day?                                            

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Every year we organize recreational sports leagues and great post-game happy hours for 100,000+ young professionals. Charity is an integral part of ZogSports. Therefore, we donate 10% of profit to charity every season (see Play For Your Cause on our website www.ZogSports.com).
  2. ZogSports is the real deal.  We have made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the US the past 2 years.  We have training, a growth strategy and care about our team and customers. As a result, our office culture is fun, energetic and a great place to be yourself and explore your potential.
  3. This is an entrepreneurial role where you’ll get a ton of responsibility from day one. You will learn aspects of running your own business and how to successfully contribute to any high growth organization.

The Sports and Field Team Manager is a full-time job reporting to our experienced NYC General Manager.  You will learn on the job by running leagues in NYC and managing the company’s growth in Football and Volleyball throughout Manhattan.  In addition, you will develop your people management skills and become a hiring expert.  You will be well-supported, much appreciated and an integrated team member from day one. 

Sports and Field Team Manager primary requirements:

  • Main Responsibilities

o   Strategic Planning and Operations – Continue to grow and manage ZogSports Football and Volleyball leagues in Manhattan (from strategic planning to sales and marketing to operations)

o   Manage Field Team (a.k.a. Part-time Staff) – Lead the Hiring, Training and Staffing process for the entire NYC Team (currently 125+ Part-time).  Includes Management of in-office part-time Field Team (currently 3 people) and an Assistant League Coordinator to help with the process.

o   Sales and networking – Develop relationships with companies, outside organizations and individuals to help promote ZogSports leagues in NYC

  • Important

o   In addition to flexible office hours, will be required to work evenings at least 2 days/week at fields/gyms/bars

o   Knowledge of Football and/or Volleyball

o   Interest in working in, and contributing to, a fun/active office environment (includes frequent ball throwing, music playing and other shenanigans)

  • Personality

o   Outgoing with a sense of humor

o   Creative problem solver

o   Leader

o   Organizer

o   Get it done attitude


  • BA or BS degree; 2-4 years of office experience
  • Fun on paper and in person – excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to handle multiple projects at one time and work independently as well as within a team
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail
  • Not petrified of technology, speaking on the phone or in front of a crowd, meeting new people at a bar, etc.
  • Reliable


  • Knowledge of organized sports, business of sports, and sports marketing


  • Please email your resume and a cover letter to Amy Cooperstock at jobs@zogsports.com.  Please reference “NYC Sports and Field Team Manager” in the subject field of your email correspondence.
  • Compensation package includes: salary for this job is commensurate with experience.  The position is also eligible for company incentive plan and health benefits
  • Due to the great number of resumes we receive daily, we regret that we are unable to respond individually to each person interested in our company, or answer inquiries regarding the status of a particular resume.  If there is interest in interviewing you for this job, a representative from ZogSports will contact you in the near future. We take our hiring process very seriously and potential candidates will meet with a number of team members before a final determination is made.

Thank you for submitting your resume to ZogSports!


The 10,000 Feat – 2 FREE VIP Passes To Mountain Jam






Want 2 FREE VIP Passes to Mountain Jam Music Festival? We can make that happen!Image

Introducing The 10,000 Feat!

The concept is simple: Help us get to 10,000 Likes on Facebook and we might send you to Mountain Jam!

How does it work? If we get to 10,000 Likes on Facebook by Monday, June 2nd, we will randomly select one person who has liked us and give him/her 2 FREE VIP Passes to Mountain Jam Music Festival!

About the prize:

Mountain Jam Music Festival – June 5-8, 2014 – 4-Day Jammer (VIP) Pass w/ Camping

  • Full 4-day Jammer (VIP) admission to the festival
  • Exclusive Jammer entrance to festival grounds
  • Special Jammer viewing area in front of the main stage
  • Access to Jammer (VIP) Campgrounds with free hot showers and 24-hour access to indoor bathrooms
  • Exclusive Jammer Hospitality Tents with lounge, bar and premier bathrooms
  • Jammer Hopitality Tents include hot and cold hors d’oevres, complimentary snacks, discounted drinks and soft drinks
  • Access to Jammer Lounge in the Learning Center with Jammer Concierge, indoor hang-out space and with 24-hour indoor bathrooms
  • Free Jammer merchandise package (includes limited edition festival t-shirt and poster)
  • Includes access for tent camping only (does not include an RV Pass or Car Camping Pass). If you would like to camp in your RV or with your car, you must purchase an RV Pass or a Jammer Car Camping Pass (1 per vehicle) in addition to this 4-Day Jammer Pass with Camping
  • Jammer (VIP) Parking: You must buy a Jammer Parking Pass (1 per vehicle) to park your vehicle in the Jammer Parking lot (in close proximity to the festival gate)

More information about Mountain Jam

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My Team In Ten – The Zucchinis

We are proud to introduce a brand new feature to the ZogBlog: 

My Team In Ten

These fun and interesting ten questions will give you some insight into some teams you might encounter throughout your Zog career.

The first team we’re highlighting is The Zucchinis, a Queens Volleyball team, who just started Zogging together this season!

The Zucchinis In Ten


1)      How long has your team been Zogging together for?

About an hour and a half, give or take.

2)      How did you settle on your team name?

Based on the shirt color which is dark green and the big yellow “Z” in the middle.


3)      What’s your favorite team memory?

Not a lot of candidates for this one: winning the inaugural match of Zog Queens VB on a crazy comeback fueled by Julie’s aces.

4)      What movie title best describes your team’s skills?

One set we’re “Fast & Furious”, the next we’re “Dumb and Dumber”.


5)      What song title best describes your team’s relationship?

“Hey I just met you, and this is crazy.” It’s a lyric, not a title, so what?

6)      What celebrity do you think would best fit as a teammate on your team?

Snoop Dogg. He’s chill and also 6’4″, we need an outside hitter.


7)      Beer Pong or Flip Cup?

Beer pong, the true challenge of human skill.

8)      Which of your teammates is the most entertaining during your games? Why?

Anup. He hustles hard but always looks slightly confused.


9)      Which of your teammates is the most entertaining after a couple of drinks? Why?

No idea yet, but I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to be Alex.

10)   Describe your team’s Zog experience in one word.



Thanks, Zucchinis, for giving us the inside scoop! Good luck this season!

Keep Zoggin’ – your team could be featured next!

20 Questions with Caitlin Brandes

Next up is ZogSportsLA’s  referee, Caitlin Brandes. You may think her talents can only be seen on the court, but beware…  this Nebraska girl has a whole lot more to bring at the bar!

1. Sports You Ref? Volleyballcatilin

2. When did you start working at ZogSports? Fall Sand Season 2013

3. Hometown? Central City, Nebraska

4. Hidden Talent? I’m really good with a sling shot and I studied classical piano for 15 years

5. Favorite Sports Team? I’m from NE so Cornhuskers!!

6. What’s the last thing you ate? A stuffed roasted bell pepper.

7. Funniest ZogSports Memory? When my team manager announced that the reason I had hurt my neck was from extracurricular activities in the shower with my husband. The team coined the term ‘sex neck.’

8. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Why? The Fairy-tale of the Corn Picking Disney Princess. That’s my nickname at work!

9. If you were a drink, what would it be? Why? A shot of Fireball Whiskey. I’m a redhead who is sweet and a little fiery! fireball_cinnamon_whisky_l

10. If you could only bring three things with you to an island, what would they be? Sunscreen, my kindle, and more sunscreen

11. What are you listening to right now? I am really digging Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’

12. Favorite Sneakers? Dark Purple Nike’s—they show no wear and tear, and are sooo comfy!

13. How long could you go without talking? I would say a day—but anyone who knows me would probably say maybe 5 minutes.

14. What’s your favorite joke? Grasshopper hops onto bar-stool, orders a drink, Bartender says, “hey, we have a drink named after you.” Grasshopper replies, “you gotta drink named Steve?!”

15. What’s on your fridge door? Pics of my nieces and nephews. So many!

16. Fav food? Mama’s home cooking.the-lego-movie-poster-full-photo

17. Last movie you saw? The Lego Movie, adorable and hilarious.

18. Beer Pong or Flip Cup? Chesties!!!—it’s a hybrid of the two along with some quarters thrown in. CRAZY!

19. Have you ever been in a newspaper or on tv? If so, where? Yes, Newspaper in HS and college for plays/musicals and HS for volleyball—state champs senior year. TV/Film—extra work

20. Best vacation you’ve ever been on? Why? Wyoming—Yellowstone National Park with my family. Lost my first tooth on that trip and tried cheesecake for the first time. Plus all the great time outdoors!!