ZogSports Coming to Stamford, CT

Great news for all of you Connecticut Zoggers, no need to schlep all the way to NYC to get your dose of sports this coming winter. You heard it here first; after years of requests we are finally introducing ZogSports to Stamford!  You can start your New Year’s resolutions early by signing up for either 5-on-5 Basketball or our infamous Zog Dodgeball. Not sure what Zog is all about? We’ll give you all the basic deets of the ins and outs of Zog. Be prepared CT, Stamford has no idea what has hit them.

Now that ZogSports is finally coming out to the suburbs of CT, here are some basics you need to be a Zog pro just in time for the new season.


What is ZogSports?  We refer to Zog as sports leagues for “grownups.”  Whether you’re in it for the sports or the happy hours, we’ve got you covered. Polish off your basketball or dodgeball skills on the courts. Then make new friends after the games by challenging other participants to beer pong and flip cup during happy hour. Your nights (and probably the mornings after) will never be the same.

Haven’t played sports in years?  That’s cool with us! The new season in Stamford is offering two levels of competition (casual and sorta player). So if you’ve never picked up a dodgeball or basketball, no worries…the casual level is calling your name! Zog wants everyone to join the fun!

Played ball in college or high school?  We love friendly competition on and off the court! Bring your skills to the “sorta player” level of ZogSports leagues and you could be the one taking your team to the championship.

High Five

With all of the basics down pat, you can now check out the leagues ZogSportsCT is offering. Whether you opt for basketball or dodgeball, your Monday and Tuesday nights will be changed forever. Don’t worry if the thought of dodgeball brings flashbacks with those red rubber balls flying and ducking for cover. Those elementary school days are long gone! Instead of ending your day with some milk and cookies, you can now head to the bar to wash down your victory with a Miller Lite! Trust us; you will be leaving with a nice workout and smiles all around after every Zog night.

If you’re looking for some fun in Stamford, CT, ZogSports is the place for you. If you and your buddies are interested in signing up, Devin is your CT guy. You can register as an individual, small group or full team. If you have any questions, email Devin at Devin@ZogSports.com or give him a call at 646-237-5327.

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