20 Questions with Leah Johanson

Next up on our 20 Questions series is ZogSportsNYC ref, Leah Johanson. When she isn’t on the Zog football fields or reffing cornhole in the bar, you might just spot her taking names during flip cup or cheering for the Patriots.unnamed

  1. When did you start working at ZogSports? April 2011
  2. Childhood Nickname: Lele
  3. Favorite Food: Grilled cheese
  4. Guilty Pleasure: Eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon
  5. Hometown: Natick, MA
  6. Hidden Talent: Does being able to recite every line from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” count?
  7. Favorite Sports Team: Patriots!!
  8. Funniest ZogSports Memory: Winning a flip cup tournament and actually being presented with a championship belt!belt
  9. Last Movie You Saw: Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  10. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Book Nerd
  11. What’s the last thing you ate? Raisin Bran (so boring!)
  12. If you could only bring three things with you to an island, what would they be? Books, peanut butter, Diet Coke
  13. Beer Pong or Flip Cup? Flip cup!
  14. What are you listening to right now? Just got back from Nashville so I’m on a country kick.
  15. Favorite Sneakers: I’ve had the same pair of Asics for 2 years, they’ve got holes in them but I can’t get rid of them!
  16. Have you ever been in a newspaper or on tv? If so, where? I was in the greenroom of CBS This Morning for my job and they included me in a little teaser commercial.
  17. What’s your favorite joke? Why are there always fences around graveyards? Cuz people are dying to get in!Yarn
  18. What’s the worst present you’ve ever received? My sister gave me a ball of yarn and a note that said “I’ll knit this into whatever you want.”
  19. What’s on your fridge door? Family photos and magnets from places I’ve traveled.
  20. Best vacation you’ve ever been on? Why? Brazil was awesome – my siblings and I traveled around for two weeks and did everything from the beaches to the mountains to Rio.

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