Featured Zogger: Dalila Castillo

This week, we’re featuring the founder of the Young Professionals Committee and an NYC Zogger, Dalila Castillo. After recently discovering her Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, Dalila has quickly become a leading voice for young adults in the CP community.

DCJust about a year and a half ago, Dalila Castillo learned she was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP is a brain disorder that causes a wide range of developmental disabilities. People living with CP suffer impairments with body movement, posture and balance and some people with CP also have problems with hearing, vision, speech, and swallowing.

Upon discovering her CP diagnosis, Dalila noticed that many of her peers were not aware that CP affects people on a wide spectrum, just like autism and any other brain disorder. She realized that she had the opportunity to be an advocate and a voice on behalf of the CP community and thus, decided to start the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) within the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation (CPIRF). You can read more about Dalila’s discovery of her diagnosis, and her decision to start the YPC here.

The YPC members are leaders who seek to impact the development of cutting edge research related to discovering a cause, prevention, and treatment for CP; empower young people with the ability to educate their community about CP; create an established network of young professionals committed to their social responsibility, and encourage an upcoming generation of philanthropic leaders.

Although the YPC was founded merely months ago, in July 2013, it has already been successful in increasing awareness and impacting CP research. The YPC’s cocktail party and happy hour fundraisers have successfully raised nearly $9,000 for CPIRF to date. Also, members of the YPC (New Balls on the Block) participated in ZogSports’ dodgeball league this past winter to spread their message to a wider audience. Many YPC members came out to support Dalila and the team, and during the season, they shared Dalila’s story and have continued momentum.


“I’ve learned that my CP can be a positive impetus. I have chosen to view my recent discovery of the diagnosis as an opportunity –- an opportunity to share my story, to let people know what it means to have CP, and ultimately, to make an impact and empower others.… I am pleased and excited to help educate and inform younger generations about CP and CPIRF as the founding Chairperson of the Young Professional Committee (YPC).  The YPC will be raising awareness and funds for CPIRF’s research programs through fun social events.”  Dalila C. Castillo, Founder, YPC

To stay updated on CPIRF’s YPC, please email cpirf.ypc@gmail.com


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