ZogSports Shortlisted For The 2020 Olympics!

The news we’ve been waiting to hear for 13 years has finally arrived…kind of.

Zog in Olympic_Rings

It’s just been reported that eight sports have been shortlisted to be added for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and we’re so excited that two of these are sports that ZogSports offers leagues in: Softball and Bowling!  So now, if anyone tries to give you crap about you joining the softball team “just for the alcohol” or attempts to make the case that “bowling isn’t a real sport”, you can back yourself up with true, yet still shortlisted, data that “hey, if it’s played in the Olympics it’s legit!”

We’re also proud of some other top contenders that didn’t quite make the finalist list, but still deserve gold medals in our eyes: Flying Disc [that’s the same thing as Ultimate Frisbee, right?] and Football.

These sports are slated to be added to the 2020 games, which gives you 5 full years to join a league, perfect your skills, and earn yourself a spot on the USA team!

If you could add any sport to the Olympic Games, which sport would you add?

Sign-up for a CoEd Intramural Sports League at www.ZogSports.com.

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