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People play ZogSports for the organized fun and the friendly competition.  Individuals of all walks of life come out each week with their friends – old and new – to experience the highlight of their week.  As an organization, we are so proud and grateful that we are the ones that get the chance to deliver these highlights.

We are also just as proud that our ZogSports referees are experiencing these same highlights with every shift they work.  It’s not often people say that they love their job, and we feel very fortunate to get to hear those words so frequently from our amazing, hardworking, and super fun staff.

Let’s reflect on one of our referee’s favorite moments as a ZogSports field team member.

“My favorite reffing moment had to be watching Matt from Red Balls & Vodka score a David Beckham like goal opening up the second half kickoff a few years back after asking for proper space. To this day, I have yet to see anyone score from distance to start the game, half, sudden death or change of possession after a goal. Can anyone replicate this feat?” -Steve, Soccer and Football Referee

steve ng

You can join the fun, too!  Apply to be a ZogSports referee here.

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