Top 10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Single In NYC


How many cute couples can one person pass on the lonely NYC streets?  How many times can one person listen to the guilt from a mother questioning “why are you still single?”  How many chick flicks can one person watch over a pint of ice cream while “I’m going to be alone forever” tears pour from the eyes?  Good thing we have a good solution!  But first, let’s commiserate over the Top 10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Single In NYC:

10) Being the 3rd wheel sucks
although not having to share your ice cream is pretty sweet



9) You have nobody to make out with on the cab ride home from a night out
even though you probably found someone to make out with while you were at the bar


8) You cant kill a cockroach
but you are perfectly capable of screaming and hibernating in your bed until it’s gone


7) People in New York City are hard to impress
and you’re hardly impressed by them anyway



6) There are way too many dating apps
and way too many creeps



5) Drinking alone makes you an alcoholic
but for some reason drinking with a partner makes it romantic



4) You get mad at people’s PDA on the subway
but really you’re just jealous

3) You don’t have a built in beer pong partner
and let’s face it, that guy that swears he’s the beer pong champion is just a douchebag



2) The rent is too damn high for a 1 bedroom if you’re not splitting it
and you’re not one of the lucky ones whose parents are paying your rent

1) Winter
because nobody wants to be alone during cuffing season

Don’t worry, singletons of New York City!  Cure your loneliness by meeting your soulmate, partner, rebound, or just new best friend in a ZogSports Co-Ed Social Sports league.  Over a dozen sports to choose from [from basketball to cornhole] with a happy hour after every game each week [a great place to test out your newest pickup lines].


We’ve watched hundreds of relationships form, vows be exchanged, and babies be born [we haven’t actually seen the births, but we’ve seen the living proof] through ZogSports.  Don’t believe us?  Check out just one example here.

love story - soccer team

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