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You play ZogSports to make new friends, keep playing your favorite sports, give back, and experience a highlight every week.  Now it’s time to meet the people that help deliver those highlights.  Let’s go Behind the Scenes with Field Team Supervisors:

Meet Jonathan!


Jonathan is a Field Team Supervisor for NYC Football.

Z: How long have you been with ZogSports?

J: Since March 2013

Z: Why do you love working for ZogSports?

J: I love working for ZogSports, because I get to meet incredible people, get some sun, have some fun, and get paid for it!

Z: What’s the best team name you’ve come across while working for ZogSports?

J: “Balls Deep in Unicorns”

Z: Do you have advice for the best pickup line to use at a ZogSports happy hour?

J: “In case you were wondering, maybe that’s a flag in my pocket….maybe it’s not.”

Z: What has been your ZogSports highlight?

J: Being at the bar with the teams I have ref’ed…having a laugh over some beers while listening to them say “I love you man.”

Z: Next time you see Jonathan, ask him to tell you about the time…

J: I entered a “hand-on-car” contest…and WON!

If you want to join the ZogSports team, apply to be a referee here.

If you want to experience the highlight of your week, join a ZogSports league here.

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