Where Has Your Zog T-Shirt Been?

There are new Zoggers, there are loyal Zoggers, and then there are die hard Zoggers.  Meet Jonathan, who doesn’t leave for a vacation without packing a ZogSports T-shirt for each day of his trip.


As the cold weather comes around, I think back to the nice summer weather and times on vacation, with my ZogSports Shirts!!!!

When I got home from college four years ago, my brother asked me to play dodgeball with him in the city.  I immediately said yes just out of my enjoyment of playing sports and competitive nature.  We did not do well that year, I think we only won one game but I had a lot of fun and got a bright pink T-shirt.  The next year we decided to play again.  This year was a little different, I got a yellow T-shirt and we won the championship.  I decided that the yellow shirt was more special than the pink shirt, so I got rid of the pink one.  Over the next few years I continued to play Zog dodgeball, but also added in kickball and basketball.  As the number of sports I played for Zog increased, so did my number of Zog t-shirts.  I was unsure what I should do with them all since they took up a whole pile in my drawer.  My brother even added a Zog ref shirt to my collection [as a holiday gift one year] that he found at the Salvation Army (because I loved getting to ref during dodgeball games).IMG_1069

While I was packing for a family vacation to the beach, I realized I needed shirts to wear on the beach.  And what would be better than a wide range of brightly colored Zog shirts?  I packed a different color for each day I was going to be at the beach.  Each day I would walk out with a different shirt and people would ask what sport that shirt was from.

These ZogSports shirts have now become my favorite vacation shirt.  I plan on continuing to play Zog for the enjoyment of playing sports and to add to my shirt collection.  So far my shirts have made it to Jersey, Cape Cod, and Florida.  Next summer I will be adding to the list.  Where has your Zog T-shirt been?

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jonathan.  We’d be happy to add to your collection if you’re missing any colors.

Where has your Zog T-Shirt been?  Let us know!  Email us at info@ZogSports.com.

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