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ZogSports Mission: Bring People Together | Create Highlights | Make A Difference

We always love to hear stories from Zoggers who have lived out the ZogSports mission, like Ann Marie’s…


I am so fortunate to benefit from ZogSports’ vision for a better future.


I joined Hoboken’s ZogSports a year after losing my fiancé to a brain aneurism almost ten years ago. I didn’t know at that time if I could ever be happy again. Everyone I knew was either getting married or married with kids, except me. Widowed at 30, I felt like my old life didn’t fit me anymore. I knew I needed to meet people my age but it is so hard to make friends when you are in your 30’s. I didn’t think I had any particularly interesting hobbies, and was never the athletic type, so I was intimidated easily by sports. Lucky for me to have found ZogSports which offered a variety of organized sports that catered to all skill levels (including the two I joined: kickball and dodgeball). These weekly games kept me out of the house and for lack of better words, saved my life.

It was during my first season as a Zogger where my now husband said he noticed me. We were out celebrating our respective games and exchanged a quick introduction. He told me later that he always looked for me after the games to see if we could meet up again. Four seasons later, the timing seemed right on both our ends and he asked me out. He seemed to know long before I did that we would end up together. Seven years later, We are happily married with our third child on the way this January.

I will always be forever grateful for ZogSports. It changed the trajectory of my life and allowed me to have a happy ending after all.

We couldn’t be happier to have played the role in your life that we did, Ann Marie!  Congratulations to you and your family.

10 Life Lessons You Only Learn From Playing Social Sports

We all know you’re not just playing in that kickball league just for the fun of it.  You learn something new every day, and you’ll be damned if you don’t expand your mind when you step up to the plate…literally.
10 Life Lessons You Only Learn From Playing Social Sports
1) You probably weren’t as good in gym class
as you thought you were
School Gym Class - Create Meme

2) There are no professional scouts in the stands
Intramurals - The Odyssey Online
3) Always take photos at the beginning of the night
Drunk baby - Know Your Meme

4) Don’t date anyone who yells at referees
Semi Pro

5) You don’t really know your coworkers
until you’ve survived a dodgeball match with them

6) Don’t give out your number after a game of 105 cup beer pong Drunk Flirting - Meme Center

7) You’re never too old to make new friends

8) You won’t get judged on your skills, but you will get judged on your team name
Team Name - Meme Generator

9) A game of flip cup can be the solution for ending an age-old rivalry

10) Playing social sports can make you feel like a super hero Super Hero - Pinterest


What life lesson have you learned through playing social sports?
Comment below and let us know!

The 3 reasons why people are playing in social sports leagues this summer

Summer registration is open and leagues are selling out fast.  Why?

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why people are playing ZogSports this summer:

1) It’s hard to meet people in NYC…

meet people
unless you consider sharing a seat with a woman in headphones meeting people.
When you play ZogSports, you meet super fun people from day one!

2) You need that sun-kissed glow…

and tanning booths are so 2006.
When you play ZogSports, getting that golden tan is an added perk!

3) You gotta keep up that beach bod…

beach body
since you finally mastered the post-workout selfie.
When you play ZogSports, you can break up your mundane workout routine!

Don’t live vicariously through Instagram this summer.  Spare yourself the FOMO and join a team with ZogSports!

Choose your sport:


Highlight of the Week -Didn’t Know You Before

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“I work for a big company, so by signing up for a corporate Zog team I’ve been able to, not only meet people who work at the same company, but become best friends with new people I didn’t even know were my coworkers.”

-Marly, Horizon Media, ZogSports NYC

Marly Zog

Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to Highlights@ZogSports.com.


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All About The Glory

ATL bball

A Great Experience


A Family Affair

Where Has Your Zog T-Shirt Been?

There are new Zoggers, there are loyal Zoggers, and then there are die hard Zoggers.  Meet Jonathan, who doesn’t leave for a vacation without packing a ZogSports T-shirt for each day of his trip.


As the cold weather comes around, I think back to the nice summer weather and times on vacation, with my ZogSports Shirts!!!!

When I got home from college four years ago, my brother asked me to play dodgeball with him in the city.  I immediately said yes just out of my enjoyment of playing sports and competitive nature.  We did not do well that year, I think we only won one game but I had a lot of fun and got a bright pink T-shirt.  The next year we decided to play again.  This year was a little different, I got a yellow T-shirt and we won the championship.  I decided that the yellow shirt was more special than the pink shirt, so I got rid of the pink one.  Over the next few years I continued to play Zog dodgeball, but also added in kickball and basketball.  As the number of sports I played for Zog increased, so did my number of Zog t-shirts.  I was unsure what I should do with them all since they took up a whole pile in my drawer.  My brother even added a Zog ref shirt to my collection [as a holiday gift one year] that he found at the Salvation Army (because I loved getting to ref during dodgeball games).IMG_1069

While I was packing for a family vacation to the beach, I realized I needed shirts to wear on the beach.  And what would be better than a wide range of brightly colored Zog shirts?  I packed a different color for each day I was going to be at the beach.  Each day I would walk out with a different shirt and people would ask what sport that shirt was from.

These ZogSports shirts have now become my favorite vacation shirt.  I plan on continuing to play Zog for the enjoyment of playing sports and to add to my shirt collection.  So far my shirts have made it to Jersey, Cape Cod, and Florida.  Next summer I will be adding to the list.  Where has your Zog T-shirt been?

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jonathan.  We’d be happy to add to your collection if you’re missing any colors.

Where has your Zog T-Shirt been?  Let us know!  Email us at info@ZogSports.com.

Want to start your own collection of ZogSports T-Shirts? Play in the most popular social sports league in the country! Check out all of the leagues here.

Highlight of the Week – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

My highlight as a first-time Zogger this year was winning the Kickball Championship! There’s nothing better than having a fun night to look forward to during the long work week, spending time with your good friends and most importantly, giving back to the community for great causes. On behalf of my team, the Kick-Intartaglias, thank you ZogSports for this awesome opportunity in the city of brotherly love!

-Steph, Kick Intartaglias, ZogSports Philadelphia


Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to Highlights@ZogSports.com.



Reaching the Promised Land

Reaching the Promised Land

An Escape

An Escape

From Fourth to First

From Fourth to First

Creating a Zog Family

Creating a Zog Family

Malia Obama Offered Free ZogSports After Partying

malia tweet

In case you missed it, Malia Obama was recently spotted at a party with college kids while scoping out Brown University.  Sources say she was taking shots and playing beer pong and it was supes casual, because why wouldn’t it be?  Because she’s the POTUS’ first born?  Because she brought her entourage of secret service personnel?  Psh!  Whateva, she does what she wants.


What sources DIDN’T tell you is that she, being the smart girl that she is, is simply practicing for her soon-to-be, long-lasting career as a loyal Zogger.  Yes, we know she’ll easily be able to land her dream job at the snap of a finger, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be able to show up her opposing kickball team in a post-game beer pong rally just as easily – that one’s gonna take some practice.  And we get it, Malia.  We totally get it.  She has high standards to live up to and everyone is going to EXPECT her to be good at everything – even beer pong.

So, keep practicing, Malia (although practice with water cups, because we don’t condone underage drinking), and on your 21st birthday, we want you to come show us your skills!  We are offering you a ZogSports season in any sport on us.  And if you want to get the whole family involved, remember we have ZogSports in DC!

malia zog

Malia – Come find us on July 4, 2019 and we’ll talk.  Or better yet, we’ll find you. 🙂


And if YOU want to show off your beer pong skills, join a team with America’s most popular coed, social sports league!