The 10 People You Meet on the NYC Subway

We’ve all been there.  We’re exhausted, finally finished working a 12 hour day and just want to get home in time for Bachelor in Paradise before someone ruins the episode for you on Facebook.  You finally board the subway after not being able to fit on the first two because, although people are screaming it in your ear, people won’t actually MOVE IN!  You’re hungry, cranky, and sweating more than you do when you go to the gym to take selfies of yourself “working out. #motivationmonday” And then there’s that one person who becomes the final straw.  The passenger that gives you that last push of inspiration you needed to make that ultimate decision of “that’s it – i’m getting married and moving to Westchester.”  We understand and we are right there with you.  So let’s take a moment to honor those who inspire us…

1) The Hairstylist

You have beautiful hair. Thanks for sharing it with me – I love free samples.

2) The Instagrammer

You can keep refreshing your feed, but we still don’t have service.

3) The Diner

Tuna salad leftover from yesterday’s lunch? Yum! That looks like a good, normal, odor-neutral thing to eat at 8:30 in the morning on the 6 train.

4) The Tourist

The 4-ft map always brings me back to a simpler time.

5) The Social Sports Athlete

The entire car is very happy to hear that the beer really helped your team recover from that tough kickball loss.

6) The Hummer

I feel like I’m on Name That Tune – I should be getting paid for this.

7) The Make-Up Artist

Say what you want, but a perfect eyeliner wing by Union Square – that’s talent!

8) The Sleeper

This is the closest I’ve come to a relationship in a long time, so I’ll take what I can get.

9) The Backpacker

I’m impressed that you were able to pack up your entire life into one backpack. I’m not impressed that you’ve been able to successfully hit me with it 39 times between 42nd street and 59th street.

10) The Workaholic

I’m so sorry to disturb you in your office.

As much as we complain about the train-pains, we know we’ve all had the opportunity to be a train-pain for someone else.  What’s your subway personality?

Highlight of the Week – Brunch Together

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“This Isn’t Brunch (team name) literally brunched together.  They’re friends with a Zog ref and decided to try Cornhole as something new.  Each week they dress up with a different theme.”

-Lisa, ZogSports Cornhole Referee, ZogSports NYC


Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to


An Easy Change

father son

Father and Son


Found a Home


Same Game


Love from NYC to SF

The 3 reasons why people are playing in social sports leagues this summer

Summer registration is open and leagues are selling out fast.  Why?

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why people are playing ZogSports this summer:

1) It’s hard to meet people in NYC…

meet people
unless you consider sharing a seat with a woman in headphones meeting people.
When you play ZogSports, you meet super fun people from day one!

2) You need that sun-kissed glow…

and tanning booths are so 2006.
When you play ZogSports, getting that golden tan is an added perk!

3) You gotta keep up that beach bod…

beach body
since you finally mastered the post-workout selfie.
When you play ZogSports, you can break up your mundane workout routine!

Don’t live vicariously through Instagram this summer.  Spare yourself the FOMO and join a team with ZogSports!

Choose your sport:


Highlight of the Week – That’s Hilarious

What is your ZogSports Highlight?

“I signed up for Dodgeball on Monday nights with some family and friends and it has become the highlight of the week. There is something hilariously competitive about throwing a ball as hard as you can at another adult, for no other reason than because you are allowed to. We laugh, sweat, and make fun of each other. But get to throw balls at each other – that’s hilarious..

-Berge, One Leg Up, ZogSports NYC

one leg up

Did you make the game winning catch?
Did you get the last cup in beer pong?
Did you meet the love of your life?

We want to hear about it!

Send your ZogSports highlight with photos of you and/or your team to


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Season Made

Everyday Were Shufflin

Unwind and Socialize

Mr. Mars & Mrs. Venus

Glory Days


Bucket List

This week’s post comes from our Los Angeles General Manager, Matt Worley. Matt is a long time Zogger and knows the ins and outs of what it really means to be a player, referee and General Manager. Today he shares how he began his ZogSports journey. 

It started with a simple craigslist post:  Looking for sports teams to play with.

That’s all I wrote and the one reply I received was simple:  “Check out”

That’s it!  No name.  No hard push.  It was just a simple offer of an opportunity.

In 2004, I joined my first season of ZogSports in New York City playing softball and football.  Softball was like putting on a familiar glove—I can play the game anytime, anywhere.  I loved it, I knew it well and it loved me back.  Football, however, was something I only played in the pick-up games of my youth.  So as an adult, playing football was strange.  Yet, despite my reticence, I dove in and had a blast.  I loved the co-ed teams, liked the rules and appreciated the way Zog refs felt less like authority figures and more like friends on the field.  It all fit together so well.  The happy hour bars were like oases for my young twenty something self who had just moved to New York and was looking to get out and meet new people.  It was great and I wanted more.

Being young and on a lower rung of the economic ladder in a big city made me hungry for ways to make extra money while still having fun.  As luck would have it, I applied and received a job refereeing football and basketball for ZogSports!  I was able to continue playing while also helping and assisting others with having fun and being social on the field and court.  I was meeting and hanging out with so many Zoggers every week that I almost forgot about my other jobs. While I eventually learned to balance my life, the pull towards ZogSports was addictive… and I wanted more.

Matt In Action

Matt in Action

Then, as is the case with life, I was pulled in a different direction.  I eventually stopped reffing and cut back to playing just softball.  The winds of change eventually blew me to the west coast and when I arrived in Los Angeles I found the sports scene to be socially starved.  I tried several “social” sports leagues, but I found them to be unorganized and poorly run compared to my experience with ZogSports in New York.  People showed up to play the game and then went home.  So, I started to create small changes, like getting my team to go out drinking with our competition after the game.  While this served as a social band-aid, I was still unimpressed with the social sports scene in LA. I wanted more.

Then I got the call.

My phone rang one afternoon and when I picked it up I heard, “WORLEY! How are you man?” It was Robert Herzog informing me of the plans to expand ZogSports to the Los Angeles area.  He told me about the search for a General Manager and asked if I was interested in the position. Whoa baby… I thought long and hard about the opportunity, as it would mean heading in a new direction and leaving the acting career I had pursued for over 12 years.  I was unsure, but strangely excited.  So, I went through the eight week interview process and as things progressed, I realized that the job was perfect for me!  I got more excited with each step and consequent presentation.  I wanted the challenge of introducing LA to the organization that had shaped my life so positively in New York City.  I met my closest friends through ZogSports and I knew that the Zog community, with its social aspects, organizational prowess and charitable focus, was something that Los Angeles needed badly.

Finally, I was offered the job!  Something that started with a simple Craigslist post eight years prior led to the single best job I have ever had.  It’s amazing what God can create when you just ask and then follow the signs put before you.

To this day no one knows who replied to my post all those years ago.  If I had not trusted that message from my cyberspace angel, who knows where I would be today?

LA Zoggers Doing What They Do Best

LA Zoggers Doing What They Do Best