Zogger Living Out Your Streetball Dreams

“Roatti the White Tiger” is blowing up the internet! Some of you may recognize this Zogger as Rich Boatti, a participant from our football leagues. From Deadspin to Bleacher Report to Gothamist, his streetball skills are entertaining the country! We decided to step behind the scenes and see how it all went down.

What’s your record number of 3 pointers for one game?

Boatti taking a bball break in Atlantic City

Boatti taking a bball break in Atlantic City

I’m not sure what my one-game record is for threes, but the most consecutive I’ve hit in a row is 4. I’ve done that two other times (not counting the time in the video).  So if I ever hit 5 straight I expect the video of that to be 20% more viral.

Who decided to record the game?

I actually didn’t know the game was being recorded until after I hit the third one in the video.  The cameraman is friends with the guys in the game and he told me afterwards that he just got a new camera and was testing it out by recording his friends playing streetball. It took me about four months to track him down and get the footage.  If it wasn’t for him none of this craziness would be happening, so shout out to George!

Is there going to be a rematch?

There has already been a rematch – I play with those guys every now and then.  The teams weren’t exactly the same but the team I was on lost, and I only hit 2 threes in that game.  I did have the same defender though, and he was determined not to let me show him up again and fouled me pretty much every time I touched the ball.

Boatti photobombing during a Zog happy hour

Boatti photobombing during a Zog happy hour

Where can we watch you playing next?

I play at those courts pretty much every weekend as long as the weather is nice.  We have plans to play this Saturday around 1 pm.  The courts are at Washington Park, which is on Washington Ave right off the BQE in Brooklyn.

What songs are on your pre-game playlist?

I usually listen to high-energy hip hop to psych myself up before sporting events, so a typical sample would include “Hard in Da Paint” by Waka Flocka, “Scenario” by Tribe Called Quest, “BMF” by Rick Ross, “Victory” by Puff and Biggie, “Dead Wrong” by Biggie, “Dirt off Your Shoulder” and “Off That” by Jay-Z, “Primetime” by Kanye and Jay-Z, “Fire in the Hole” by Method Man and Redman, “Hate Me Now” by Nas, “John” by Lil Wayne, and other party anthems like those.

Anything else you want to share about the game?

I’m not saying anything, but several commentators on YouTube have mentioned that when the defender strips the ball from me on the last sequence it looked like a foul.  But again, I’m not saying anything.

Most importantly, where did the street name “Roatti the White Tiger” come from?

Roatti the White Tiger was coined by my best friend’s older brother (and also great friend), Dan Frosch, who is now a respected reporter for the New York Times haha.  Around 1990 he went to the Bronx Zoo and they had a white tiger on display whose name was “Roatti” or “Coatti” or something like that. Since my last name is “Boatti,” and my first name starts with an “R,” he started calling me “Roatti the White Tiger” and the name stuck.

5 Awesome Reasons To Work At Home

Ever wanted to know what ZogSports GMs are up to in their ‘free time’? Luckily, San Fran’s GM, Nick Cruit, has brought us right into the comfort of his own home…

For those of you who play ZogSports in NYC or NJ you’ve probably heard about or been to the Zog headquarters offices. I’ve had an opportunity to spend a few weeks at HQ and there’s never a dull moment to say the least – YouTube videos being shared, balls flying around, and sometimes even refrigerators falling apart. fridge

But for those of us who run ZogSports in other cities our co-workers consist of me, myself and I. When I tell people I work from home by myself I get, “Oh my god I could never do that!” or, “how do you get anything done?” or my favorite, “aren’t you lonely?” Well maybe I’m crazy but I LOVE working from home. Here are my top 5 reasons why working from home as a ZogSports GM in SF is awesome!

That's me on the bottom right!

That’s me on the bottom right!

1) No distractions: Most days I wake up around 8 am, pour myself a cup of coffee, and before I know it it’s 1 pm and I have to remind myself to eat lunch. That time warp has a lot to do with the demand of managing all the aspects of our co ed social sports leagues, but another huge part of it is that I can get into a solid work zone with very little distractions, which is something I haven’t had with any other job. Don’t get me wrong, I miss hanging out with co-workers and talking about the latest pics we’ve seen on Reddit, but there’s something about having peace and quiet during the critically busy parts of my day that makes this job so much more manageable. It also helps that part of my job is to meet new people, play sports, and play bar games every week!

2) Video meetings: To give you guys a little insight into our workflow, all of the GM’s get together every day via video conference to chat about what our priorities are and other interesting things going on in our respective cities. I hated these at first but have now come to enjoy them quite a bit. Most internal meetings in past jobs had a tendency to linger on, but for whatever reason video meetings are quick and to the point – most times. The funny part about video chats is that when the remote general managers end up getting together in person, which we do a few times a year in NYC, we joke about how nice it is to see each other from the shoulders down. We also joke that none of us wear pants during the video chats, kind of like news anchors do.

3) Saving money: The other great thing about my job is that I save a ton of money (and a few inches on the waistline) by not eating out. There are plenty of days where I lazily graze on whatever snacks I have around the house, but having the option to fire up the grill and make a solid home-cooked meal during work is awesome. I also spend way less on food than I used to, which gives me more cash to spend at the happy hours! Now more than ever I’m understanding the importance of the latte factor.

4) Flexibility: After nearly a year working out of my house I’ve realized an important fact about myself: Working at my own pace makes me way more productive. I work most days within the same hours I would if I had to go to an office, but there are those special occasions where I’ll take an hour or two in the morning or afternoon when I get stuck in a rut or am not feeling productive. Just having the flexibility to step away when I need to clear my mind is such a big bonus of this job and has increased my productivity ten-fold.

5) Naps: I can’t lie to you guys; I occasionally take naps during the day. Where I’d normally rely on a strong cup of coffee to push through that period when my brain just wants to shut down, now I close my eyes for 20-30 minutes and have way more energy than I would if I try to force down a 5 Hour Energy.

Well, there you have it, a little insight into my life and why I love my job.  Am I crazy for loving to work from home? Sound off if you have any comments or similar stories. I’m curious to hear what you have to say!


Nick Cruit

ZogSportsSF GM